America's Largest Selection of Mantle & Wall clocks, made of solid woods that have a tick that you can hear.  Clocks imported from Germany, and China.  One full year warranty, satisfaction guaranteed.  Hundreds to choose from below $200.00.  David's Clock Shop services what we sell.

Hermle makes the best clocks in the world 
no doubt about it.  Average cost $160.00.

Made of Solid Woods, Counts the Hour and one strike on the 30 minute.  Key wind 31day.

We only sell Schneider cuckoo, because they are the standard by which all other cuckoos or measured by.

Hermle clocks have a piano finish and they are 
the largest producer of clock movements in the 
world.  This means inside the fine case you get 
the worlds best movement made. 
Average price is $200.00.

Radio control, travel alarm clocks and atomic watches.

 Many of these unusual clocks are from Germany.

 Mechanical movements like grandpa had.
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